January 2016


It’s always nice to meet new people. Yana…she is a producer at Red Glass Production based in Kiev. I like the red hair and the eyes. So I couldn’t not to take a pic of her.

And of course…Black and White


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Old and Fashion

Would you like a car?
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PINK’s HotDogs

Pink’s is probably the most famous hot dog stand in the country… certainly in Los Angeles! Located near the corner of Melrose and La Brea, Pink’s can be found by looking for a crowd of people and following the aroma of fresh meaty chili and soft hot dog buns.


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Was shooting one audition for movie
and took few pic of people who were there.

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My friend invited me to go to Hermosa Beach to see some others ppl and I was very exited when I got there. It’s like a village, so calm and so great, cuz I was in da friends house where I could see the ocean through the big-big window (it like my dream to have that view)…when u r outside, the smell and sound of the ocean just a soul melody…The sunset was close, so I had not a lot of time to practice and take a pic…just few of my friend..

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Mooshwalks World

Today was a beautiful day and great Photoshoot for Mooshwalks socks created by Olga Kay.

Olga Kay is a Russian-American Internet celebrity, comedian, writer, director, and performer. Trained as a professional circus juggler in her youth, she later moved to acting and video creation.

Few words about Olga from me. She is a wonderful and creative person. I really enjoyed to work with her today. Check Her account on YouTube and Visit her Mooshwalks page

Soon…more photos


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Welcome to My Blog

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you were interested about my work and you will follow me. Here I’ll share with you all that inspired and inspiring me, all new photos and videos as part of my job and passion.¬†

Also I’m open for collaboration and business. My contacts you can find in “Contact” page or feel free to text me through FaceBook, Instagram¬† or e-mail.

Be my guest !

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