October 2016

Walk with Spider Man

Model: Lamonte Goode
Instagram: CyberYoga
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Be in Style with Mika Newton

Was shooting very talented, adorable and lovely Mika Newton.
You may know her as a popular singer in Ukraine and as gorgeous actress in LA. Check her page on Instagram

More photos will come soon


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Keep Calm and do CYBERYOGA

I met an AMAZING person – Lamonte Goode. What he is doing with his body it’s just something!!! I was impressed!

Lamonte is an ARTIST • DANCER • YOGA teacher and he is creating his own positions after what other people wants to copy it.

I had a big pleasure and I had a great time to work with Lamonte on  photoshoot.

So, If you are looking for a yoga teacher, you can check instagram page of Lamonte.

And let’s keep calm and do yoga together!

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MooshWalks Brand

Wear these vibrant animal socks with ears and wings—and you’ll be noticed. The colorful characters have movement, too, with the ears or wings flapping as you walk. Designed by Russian YouTube star Olga Kay, each pair ensures you’ll stand out. Their soft, stretchy material reaches knee high and has a non-skid bottom to add even more conviction and personality to your stride.

You can find this socks online:




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Beauty As It Is

When I was 14 years old I was studied at circus and show business college. I had a choreography classes as a main and I had circus classes as well. When I saw guys and girls there at first time and what they are doing, I wanted to learn how I can do this too. I’m talking about acrobatic, contortion, flexibility. That became my passion. And in the future I wanted to dance, do some acrobatic things… But I injured my back and this door was closed for me.

I love beautiful movements, I love to see how and what people can do with their bodies. This passion never left me and recently I was inspired with two great photographers Omar Z. Robles and Jordan Matter who is doing gorgeous with dancers, acrobats and contortionist people. My inspiration came through my pictures… Cute and talented girls – Valerie Renee Heckel and Katelyn Martin was modeling for me. Thanks for that!

I want to continue to shoot people in this way. If you are a dancer, acrobat or contortionist and If you are interested to be a part of this, please, contact me!




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Maternity•Family Photography

Was shooting very beautiful and nice Family. They have very cute and funny boys and waiting for the third babygirl. Wishing them a lot of good vibes, love, love and love!



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Elena Caruso

Elena Caruso was born on December 24 as Elena Nikitina in Samara, Russia to a rocket engineer father Stanislav Nikitin and banker mother Marina Nikitina.

In Samara, Elena attended a private English language school and completed eight years of violin classes. Later, she studied at the University of Torino, Italy and traveled across Europe. After completing a dual master’s degree in Psychology and Linguistics from the University of Samara, Elena re-located to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in the performing arts.

Elena has appeared in numerous Films, TV Shows and commercials.

She speaks Russian, English, Italian, Serbian, along with some French and German.

Elena resides in Los Angeles, CA.

IMDB page

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