Katrin Leo Pako – film editor and graphic designer. Katrin was born and raised in Crimea, Ukraine. As a young woman she was drawn to creative arts of photography and cinema, and at age sixteen she moved to the capital city of Kiev to pursue her artistic passions. With talent and determination, she worked her way up through the entertainment industry through multi-faceted PR jobs and media production roles. Katrin found digital media to be a natural canvas through which she could capture and express ideas. The quality of her work and her reputation grew rapidly in Kiev and within just three years she found herself collaborating in media projects with top producer of music and pop artists. During this time she also completed studies for an under graduate degree from the National Crimea Institute of Law. Around the time she completed her degree, is when she became more interested and skilled in the video editing that has formed the foundation of her career. She collected over 8 years of experience as a commercial editor for television and production studios. Her passion and work with video editing still remains, but over time she wanted to explore new mediums. Discovering PopArt style inspired her to develop, experiment, and create more in the field of Graphic Design. Katrin loves to travel and learn from new places. With her standing passion for photography, video editing experience, and graphic design talents, she freelances her love for art from around the globe.